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Natural Organic Magic Facial Moisturer ( Plant stem cell + Hyaluronic acid ) 30ml

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Essentiq natural and organic skin care products are produced according to the European organic standard ECOGEA Organic. All raw materials are from organic agriculture. Products do not contain any controversial preservatives like parabens, phenoxyethanol or sources of formaldehyde, synthetic colorants, PEG (polyethylene glycol) and EO (ethylene oxide), GMOs, mineral oil (paraffin) and silicones. More than 98% natural ingredients. Suitable for sensitive skin. 

In 2018Hong Kong Cosmoprof Asia Awards selected  Essentiq MAGIC 40+  as a finalist in the category of  most innovative NATURAL & ORGANIC PRODUCT, and Cosmoprof Trends, curated by Beautystreams, listed Essentiq MAGIC 40+ as one of the key products in the latest beauty trends.

With age, skin loses its ability to retain water due to degradation of extracellular tissue. The skin requires extensive hydration at all levels. Our moisturiser is designed to do this both in the short term and the long term. A light, watery-based texture, and quickly absorbing oils make our moisturiser appropriate for oily skin. 

All ingredients work synergistically to

1. Attract water and help skin retain moisture

2. Soften and soothe the skin

3. Rejuvenate and protect skin at the cellular level

4. Protect the skin from water loss through the epidermal layer.

Key Ingredients

1. Ice age flower stem cells improve skin density, firmness, elasticity and effective protection of dermal stem cells against UV-induced stress

2. Snow algae extract reduce calorie or energy intake to decelerate the biological ageing process.

3. Muskmelon fruit extract has softening and moisturizing properties tailored for sore and dried skin.

4. Hyaluronic acid provides smoothness and softening to the skin, combined with an excellent anti-wrinkle working

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