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Natural and Organic Magic Facial Serum (Plant stem cell + Hyaluronic acid ) 30ml

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Essentiq natural and organic skin care products are produced according to the European organic standard ECOGEA Organic. All raw materials are from organic agriculture. Products do not contain any controversial preservatives like parabens, phenoxyethanol or sources of formaldehyde, synthetic colorants, PEG (polyethylene glycol) and EO (ethylene oxide), GMOs, mineral oil (paraffin) and silicones. More than 98% natural ingredients. Suitable for sensitive skin.

In 2018Hong Kong Cosmoprof Asia Awards selected  Essentiq MAGIC 40+  as a finalist in the category of  most innovative NATURAL & ORGANIC PRODUCT, and Cosmoprof Trends, curated by Beautystreams, listed Essentiq MAGIC 40+ as one of the key products in the latest beauty trends.


Product Description :


* Sensitive or damaged skin is prone to environmental stress and invasion by microbes. Powerful skin regeneration and a calming effect are often needed.


* Magic plant stem cell serum is a skincare product that delivers powerful ingredients directly into the skin. It is comprised of smaller molecules that can penetrate deeply into the skin and deliver a high concentration of active ingredients.


* Magic serum includes active ingredients such as plant stem cells, sterols, vitamins and beneficial minerals to penetrate the outer layer of your skin most efficiently and deliver their power deep down.


* Main ingredients : Ancient comfrey plant stem cell, Pearl extract, Phytosterols, Hyaluronic acid, provides hydration, stability, lubrication and tissue repair, giving smoothness and softening to the skin. 


How to use : Please refer to the description in photo.

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