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Return and Refund Policy

Return and Refund Policy


Return Policy


This website provides you with quality products and after-sales service, and provides 7-day return purchase guarantee for each item (excluding “non-returnable products”). Most of the products purchased on this website can be returned completely within 7 days after the delivery is signed. Please contact us before returning. Please refer to the return process for details. After we receive the returned item, we will refund the corresponding amount. Please refer to the refund process for details.


Return time


Returns and refunds are valid for 7 days from the receipt of each item. According to the actual receipt date displayed by the cooperative logistics platform. If the logistics platform does not display the actual receipt date, the website will base on the distribution area, distance, other factors and the actual due date. The receipt date will be judged and  confirmed by the customer service staff.


Return condition


The returned product must be in its intact, unopened and packaged condition. The following conditions and products are not accepted for return and refund:


Products not sold on this website;

Products purchased at other stores;

Products with a delivery period exceeding the effective time;

Products that have been opened or used;

Products that are not properly packaged, damaged or incomplete;

Any free gifts, trials, or gifts;

Any discount, sale or clearance product;

Any item on the goods description page that does not accept the return;

All the information on the website's pictures, introduction, packaging, retail price, etc. are for reference only. The products that do not conform to the introduction and the presentation are not accepted. If there are differences in the version, the actual product will be subject to the actual product finally delivered;

This website guarantees the purchase channel and quality of product, and does not accept the return because of quality problems.

In case of any objection, this website reserves the right of final decision.


Exchange policy


The service attitude of this website is professional and cautious to ensure the quality of the products is good. The orders will be checked again and again before the order is delivered to ensure that the products are correct and the packaging will be shipped without any damage. But long-distance transportation may cause damage to the goods. In case of such a situation, please take a photo and contact us on the day of receipt, and return the goods according to the “Return Process”.


We agree to return or exchange the defective or misplaced products, and will arrange to re-deliver the goods as soon as possible according to the delivery method of your order, without any shipping charges. If the returned goods have been sold out, we will refund the amount of the goods to you.


In case customer want to exchange for other goods because of other reasons such as personal preference or misplaced order, customer is responsible for all shipping charges.


Return process


1. Contact us to apply for a return, please specify the order number and order details, product details and other data, as well as the return or (and) refund reasons.

2. Provide proof or verification materials according to the customer service instructions.

3. After receiving the return confirmation, please properly package the product that needs to be returned, and attach the return order number and the email provided by the customer service as well as the delivery note or order receipt.

4. Mail the returned goods to the address provided by the customer service.

5. The shipping cost of all returned products is borne by the customer. This website does not accept the consignee for paying the shipping charge.

6. If the application for return is failed, the return and refund process will be terminated. If the returned goods are not eligible for return and if you want to get back the goods, customer is responsible for the relevant shipping costs.


Refund policy


If we receive the returned item, we will arrange a refund as soon as possible. If we do not receive the return, we cannot arrange a refund. Please note that we must check the returned goods before proceeding for return and refund. If the condition is not eligible, all returns will not be refunded.

In any case, the original order shipping fee, all handling fees and handling fees will not be refunded. We apologize for any inconvenience. We will refund the total amount of the returned goods to you. If the returned goods are originally accompanied by outer packaging, accessories, gifts, specials, instructions, invoices, etc., they must also be returned. Otherwise the refund will not be processed. If we do not receive the returned gift, we will deduct the value of the gift or the special offer. Please note that the customer is responsible for the return shipping cost.


In general, refunds can be returned to the original or user-specified payment method and account within four to six weeks (working days) from the date of receipt of the return confirmation. In the event of any dispute regarding the refund, this website reserves the right of final decision.




If any order is incorrect or incomplete, the recipient does not sign or pay the customs duty, etc., and cannot be delivered successfully and returned, this website will contact the customer to check and arrange to re-deliver or refund the purchase price.


Orders that cannot be delivered and returned, 25% of the original order shipping cost and the total amount of the goods will be charged as a unsuccessful return processing fee, which will be deducted before the refund. If the customs does not return the goods, this website will not be able to make a refund.


If the goods is scheduled to be re-shipped, the customer will be required to pay the shipping cost for the reshipment. In order to avoid unnecessary extra costs, please carefully fill in the shipping data when ordering and check again.